Team at GUYMAR

President: William "Bill" Muoio

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Office Manager: Kathy Pasinosky

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Supervisor: Tom Madine

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Supervisor: Mike King

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Guy and Mary Muoio founded Guymar Construction Co. in 1975 in Livingston, New Jersey. From the basement of their home, they began providing construction services on roofs, windows, gutters and siding.

For the next 20 years, Guy and the team led the way in construction services, awarding the company with multiple awards. This included Carlisle SynTec Systems "Perfect 10" award and National Association of Roofing Industry's "Contractor of the Year" in the early 1980s. Guy won the 1982 "Spirit of Education Award" from NARI, and served as president in 1984.

In 1995, Bill Muoio became President of Guymar and his father became CEO. Since then, Bill and the team have remained one of the leading construction companies in New Jersey.

Co-Founder Guy and PresidentBill in front of Guymar in 2011.

Guy Muoio in front of 99 Dorsa Avenue in 1992.

Co-Founders Guy and Mary Muoio together in the 2000s